Creative hub launched in central London

Dear the writers,

The Phoenix Artist Club has thrown open their doors to you by launching a free creative hub.

The launch of the Phoenix Artist Hub coincides with the rise in demand for working spaces in London, and is a great alternative to sitting in a chain coffee shop fighting for a plug and accessing their unreliable wifi.

The Phoenix Artists Club is open Monday – Friday, from 10am until 5pm, offering London’s creatives free use of its facilities, including broadcast quality Wi-fi, power points, freshly brewed coffee and loose leaf tea.

The Phoenix Artist Club hopes their hub will encourage similar venues to follow suit, after it was revealed that nearly half of the UK’s late night venues have closed in the past decade. “It’s imperative businesses like ours change our ways for new audiences” said Peter Dunbar, Marketing Director at The Phoenix Artist Club. He adds “creating a ‘daytime’ setting we felt proud of required a lot of work and included creating a unique lighting design, soundtrack, and scent, as well as working with Drury New Row to create our own blend of tea and coffee. Small changes like installing blinds that cover the bar’s alcoholic products really puts people in the mood to work. Feedback since the launch has been overwhelmingly positive”.

I’ve spent many pleasurable hours in The Phoenix Artist Club myself and I can recommend it as an excellent hangout whatever time of day (non-members can get in until 9pm). They also host a range of great events to keep you entertained.

The world is conspiring to make it harder for people to be creatives, so make sure you get down to support those who are trying to support you.

The Phoenix Artist Club, Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 8BU

Lots of love,

Dominic x


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